3D Character Design & Animation


Name: no. 10

Height: 6ft 4

Weight: 200lbs

Backstory: the year is 2040. poverty and war have rampaged the world. most of the planet is
inhabitable because of the nuclear war between the leader of a foreign country and president of the
United States of America. A brave scientist has developed super solders to fight in the battle and
bring peace to the world. Project no.10 was genetically engineered to be better at everything then
any normal human and with the help of his armour he is used to Control and eliminate any
threats. Him and his team of super solders protect the streets and do whatever it takes to bring
piece back to the country.


Insperation: From the initial idea of my character, I wanted to make a muscular character who was filled with

rage through fighting in the wars. For my character I wanted to choose my colours very carefully. I wanted to use shades of brown on my character to give of an earth like tone to the character and make him look more rugged. To contrast this however I wanted the armour to be a metallic

Initial concepts: To start off with the design of my character I drew up basic human shape and
decided where I wanted all the armour and under armour to fit. For the under armour, I was heavily
inspired by the look of the tesla bots, so I drew a rough sketch like that. For the main armour
however it was inspired by multiple inspirations, and I thought what would make sense and what
would be practical as a suit of armour. I settled with these basic shapes and a reference to what I
wanted to do later down the line.

For the helmet I went through a few designs. one of these was a face mask like scorpion from mortal
Kombat however I decided to setting with a mask that coves the full face to add more protection to
the wearer and

For the final design of the character, I wanted to draw a basic human figure from multiple angles so it would be easier for me when I start modelling to visualise the character. I started with an outline of a person and slowly built up what I wanted for the armour. I did a basic outline in red so I could see what I had drawn. I filled in the character with the neutral colours I have chosen before and made the visor and logo red to make them stand out. I thought the back looked very bare, so I decided to give my character a cape. I believed this would help my character look a lot better and when creating the cape, I would have more to talk about.

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